The Case for Regenerative and Preventative Medicines – Why Orthodox Medicine Needs a Paradigm Shift

With global changes in population size and greater longevity it’s becoming clearer that orthodox medicine must shift its views on preventative and regenerative medicine.  While many healthcare professionals in the preventative field know of many “alternative” solutions they may not know the details of why it is needed in the first place.  British Longevity SocietyRead More

Regenerative Medicine – What you should know that everyone is not talking about.

The world of Regenerative Medicine is racing ahead. Recent innovations in the processing of adipose tissue (fat) have created a new crop of innovators seeking to leverage and commercialize the use of adipose tissue and adipose derived regenerative cells for a host of applications. Many of these innovations are focused on the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries.Read More

Welcome to the Koume Website

It seemed appropriate to us that our first blog post  should be to inform you about the features and navigation of the new Koume website. So in a very abbreviate narrative, here we go: First, you’ll find our site to be different from the others in the industry. You won’t find it stuffy or boring or overly clinical.Read More

One Liposuction = Multiple Fat Transfers

Using fat transfers for aesthetic augmentation and corrective cosmetic procedures offers the most natural look and feel.  One liposuction procedure can provide for multiple transfers allowing for long term patient retention by designing a fat transfer schedule.  The key to making this possible is effective and easy collection and storage that keeps the cells viableRead More