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For Dynamic Definition Mini-Lipoabdominoplasty Combining Multilayer Liposculpture, Fat Grafting, and Muscular Plication

Published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Background: There is a select group of women for whom mini-abdominoplasty techniques combined with 3-dimensional liposculpture and fat grafting can effectively correct postpartum deformities.

Objective: The authors describe a multilayer and 360-degree approach, dynamic definition mini-abdominoplasty (DDM), to create athletic definition and contour and to restore a feminine appearance postpartum.

Methods: A total of 181 consecutive women ages 20 to 56 years underwent DDM between January 2005 and May 2012. Patients who were a minimum of 6 months postpartum and in good health, with a body mass index below 30, were considered for inclusion in the study. Fat grafting was performed in select cases in the buttocks, deltoids, and/or calves. A satisfaction index (SI) was estimated based on patient survey responses.

Results:  An overall SI of 91.5% was achieved. No major complications were reported. Twenty-nine minor complications included postoperative anemia, seroma, and infection in the surgical wound. In most patients, the postpartum abdomen was restored to an aesthetic and even athletic appearance. Athletic definition to the rectus, arms, trunk, thighs, and buttocks was also achieved. No burns or flap necrosis were reported.

Conclusions: Dynamic definition mini-abdominoplasty is safe and reproducible. It serves as a viable alternative to a full abdominoplasty in selected cases and for women who wish to restore an athletic and feminine appearance after childbirth.

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