One Liposuction = Multiple Fat Transfers

fat-processUsing fat transfers for aesthetic augmentation and corrective cosmetic procedures offers the most natural look and feel.  One liposuction procedure can provide for multiple transfers allowing for long term patient retention by designing a fat transfer schedule.  The key to making this possible is effective and easy collection and storage that keeps the cells viable and sterile.

With use of a cryoprotectant, it is possible to keep a banked inventory of fat for a range of augmentations when the patient is ready at a later time.  Effective fat transfers in the future require easy adipose tissue collection and a storage system that preserves the fat cells so they can be used on a personalized schedule for each patient.

Using the patient’s own tissue is an ideal alternative to artificial augmentation methods because it results in shorter recovery time and lower costs for additional procedures.  Stored adipose tissue can be used for augmentation of many areas including the breast, buttocks, face, neck and hands.  Physicians and staff do not have to perform any processing and all tissue samples are tested for viability and sterility.  The flexibility of this service makes for a better overall surgical experience with less liposuction and desired natural results that don’t carry the problems of some artificial fillers.

In creating this bank of adipose tissue, patients also have the opportunity to use part of their sample process for personalized cosmetic products such as anti-aging skin care creams or future Regenerative Medicine procedures.

Leveraging the latest in cryotechnology, physicians can offer this newest choice for augmentation and beautiful results that last.

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