The Lipografter™ Joins the Koume Product Line

NewLipografterMainPicOn October 10, 2014 Marina Medical officially debuted its newest addition to its Koume Lipoplasty products, the Lipografter™ Kit at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting at the McCormick Center, Chicago. The Lipografter™ Kit features the Lipografter™ developed by Dr. Roger Khouri as an efficient and cost effective solution to large volume fat harvesting, processing and grafting.

The Lipografter™ improves operational efficiency through the principles of economy of motion achieving minimal manipulation of the fat, saving precious time in the operating room. Its patented Atraumatic Tissue Value (AT-Valve) allows for harvesting, processing and reinjection in a closed system. The Lipografter™ Kit also includes a set of Koume’s infiltration, harvesting and reinjection cannulas along with a complete, sterile KVAC Kit. The KVAC kit is the heart of the Lipografter™ Kit with a KVAC Syringe, AT Valve, four collection bags and one transfer tubing set.

“We constantly strive to bring innovation into our line of Koume Lipoplasty products so we are especially proud to have this revolutionary new system added to our family of products as a turnkey solution.” said Alexander Barron, CEO of Marina Medical. “It made perfect sense to debut our Lipografter™ Kit at the ASPS meeting in the spirit of progressive technology and techniques.”

About Marina Medical

Marina Medical has been a leader in providing surgical instrumentation for obstetrics and gynecology since 1998. With a deep commitment to technological advances, Marina Medical regularly works directly with top surgeons to develop specialized instrumentation for OB/GYN and plastic surgery procedures. As an exclusive distributor of Koume Lipoplasty products, Marina Medical also provides instrumentation and innovative solutions in the field of regenerative medicine. To learn more, visit their website: