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A company with a passion for beauty.

Koume is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing high quality Lipoplasty products to Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine practitioners all over the world. We specialize in cannulas, accessories and equipment for all types of lipoplasty procedures and applications.  Koume Lipoplasty is a brand exclusively distributed by Marina Medical Inc., a leader in surgical instrumentation for nearly twenty years.

Every great artist deserves great tools.

At Koume, we understand your dedication to your craft. We appreciate your attention to detail and your commitment to excellence. That is why, from the choosing of our raw materials to the finishing of our instruments, Koume uses only the best metals and processes to create precision instruments based on the latest scientific principles.KoumeRecycleLogo

Nature is efficient, but we go one step further…

Nature designed the hummingbird to extract nectar in the most efficient manner possible. In much the same way, Koume’s patented Nature Plus Technology™ has resulted in instruments that are designed to extract fat as a viable resource for regenerative therapy. But we don’t stop there. Our cannulas designed for harvesting and reinjection will ensure optimal tissue management and patient-friendly results.

Fat never looked so good™…

And in the future, it will only look better! Koume is strategically partnered with both research and surgical facilities to ensure that the products we provide for you will incorporate the latest advances in medical science.

Fat is in your future… You can bank on it!™

Poised to be a leader in the revolutionary world of Regenerative Medicine, Koume is proud to introduce our Adipose Tissue Collection & Storage System, in conjunction with American CryoStem, pioneers in the industry or Personalized Medicine. This patented technology allows for multiple fat transfers from a single liposuction. Fat transfers offer the most natural look and feel for aesthetic augmentation and corrective cosmetic procedures. Storing tissue provides physicians the ability to perform a single tissue harvest and create a personalized fat transfer schedule with each patient’s banked inventory of fat for pleasing, natural results. Surgeons will appreciate the long-term patient retention, and patients will love the convenience and results.

For more information on the Koume Adipose Tissue Collection & Storage System, click here.

Anthony & Marina Zinnanti
Founders of Marina Medical

Meet Your Koume/Marina Medical Support Staff

When you do business with Koume Lipoplasty products, you also get the benefits of doing business with Marina Medical, an established leader in the manufacturing of surgical instrumentation for OBGYN and Aesthetic Surgery. You’ll be part of our Community, and you’ll have access to educational materials, special offers, a Rewards Program, a Residents’ Program, innovative surgical instrumentation and equipment… not to mention a stellar staff of dedicated people committed to making your Koume/Marina Medical experience hassle-free.

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